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CBC provides physician credentialing services to organizations small and large.  The physician credentialing and re-credentialing process is complicated, time-consuming and costly. When you factor in complications such as delays and frequent changing requirements, varying from state to state, this already lengthy, burdensome process takes significant time away from patient care.  Our physician credentialing services are designed to remove credentialing from this list of challenges while reducing costs and freeing up valuable administrative time.  At CBC we understand that practices are faced with a number of significant challenges; including continuing downward pressure on revenues and increasing expenses. 

CBC's approach to credentialing and enrollment streamlines the process, eliminates redundancy and delivers timely results. Our expertise ensures important details are not overlooked.

Billing and Coding

We realize that in providing medical billing service, we need to stay abreast with changes, be detail-oriented to ensure accurate billing, and reduce claim denials and speedy reimbursement. Other services available are:

  • Data Entry Services
  • Practice Management Services
  • Contract Negotiations
  • New Practice Setup
  • Office Forms

and more ...